A day in the life of a Conveyancer

By December 12, 2019Food for thought

By Ly Dan 12/12/2019

Today’s insight was delivered by Louise Hethorn, BNI Edge’s Conveyancer from Cohen and Krass. The presentation was delivered as a “Day in the life of a conveyancer”, which provided the group with a run down of the process associated with property conveyancer, where no two days were the same! Different clients, different circumstances, different requirements, different timelines or deadlines! But regardless of the situation, Louise is focused on what the client needs. The client always comes first!

Louise went through an example where a client was referred to her by Craig Forman of Cane Financial. The client was bidding at auction and won, and needed the contract process to be reviewed and looked after. Louise went the extra mile to support her client’s home buying journey. Louise then circulated sample contracts around the group, so we can get a sense of how in depth she goes into reviewing contracts to support her clients.

Many of the Edgers has worked with, or has referred their clients onto Louise. Knowing how well their client will be supported by Louise, regardless of day of week or time of day. She not only supports clients during their home buying process, but also Sales Agents requiring that competitive advantage to quickly make negotiations.

Well done Louise on your continued dedication!

Louise is one of the members here at EDGE Business Network. And you can find her profile page here or visit her company’s site Cohen and Krass.