COVID-19 Stimulus Measures – Everything you need to know!

By April 2, 2020Food for thought

By Peter Economos 25/03/20

To our valued clients and network partners,

The Federal Government’s second set of fiscal and regulatory measures announced over the weekend is designed to keep small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) operating and employing workers during the crisis. State governments and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) have also announced stimulus measures.

We want to make clear that these measures will not prevent financial hardship for many affected businesses and we will learn of the deeper extent of the financial and health impacts to our economy in time. The Federal and State governments will continue to release further details of the implementation of these packages, along with new stimulus measures as we move through the health crisis.

Eligibility criteria apply to many of the stimulus measures announced and meeting these criteria may not be automatic for many businesses. Businesses and business owners should contact our office for a Stimulus Eligibility Checkup to ensure you are maximising the government support measures available.

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