David from Third Wave unleases a tsunami of knowledge

By March 2, 2020Food for thought

By Michael Menzies 20/02/2020

This week David (Sawicki) from Third Wave Ideas delivered a stellar presentation to the EDGE NETWORKING audience.

While David’s business is built around business growth his presentation this week focused on understanding and building BRAND YOU.

His proposal was that in business we often focus in on the practical and functional aspects of our capability set. He remined us that people (customers) rarely remember what we did, but rather how we did it.

He also asked us to carefully consider what we are famous for. Even if only in our imediat circle of friends or customers/clients. David showcased how we are often not clear on what really makes us memorable and to ask those around us what or most memorable attributes are and then use those to help focus on how to amplify those qualities to prospective customers.

The value and importance of building brand you is so important both in and out of your professional life and he showcased how becoming famous for something can propel you success with those stakeholders around you looking for expertise or characteristics.

So, what are you Famous for?

Want help finding out? Meet David and let him help you grow yourself and business.

David holds the business consultant chair @ Edge Networking Sydney – contact us to join or visit Edge