Helping clients reach their goals through property

By November 21, 2019Food for thought

By Nelson Dueza 20/11/2019

Today’s presentation featured Marijke Walker from Taylors Property Management Specialists. This was her first presentation to our group so it really did give us a very good overview of the Taylors business.

Taylors is a family run property management real estate company that was started in 1926 by Hugh Taylor, then passed down to his son, Brian Taylor. It is now run by Hugh’s grandson, Mark Taylor. As a side note, Mark is a really nice guy; I have personally known him for over 15 years.

Mark says that ‘Our team’s passion has never solely been about property; it’s about the people. We exist to create intimate customer experiences where passion and people come together and long-term goals are realised’.

Professionalism, Communication, Integrity, Proactiveness and Passion are the team’s values.

Marijke went into detail about how they help their clients and use a principle called the three P’s – Price, Presentation and Positioning – in marketing the property and finding the best tenant in the shortest period of time. They only use professional photos, copywriting and premier online listings to secure the lease. They run checks on all their tenant applications – they even check on the tenants pets!

All the property managers have over 10 years’ experience in the industry and they carry out routine inspections twice a year. This is huge as some agents don’t even do these compulsory inspections once a year.

Marijke also spoke about how Taylors go the extra mile with their owners by sharing the knowledge through investor nights and online through their Taylors Insights.

They have a fantastic panel of strategic partners and tradespeople who they entertain every couple of months at their Tradies BBQs.

This was a fantastic presentation from a very energetic professional who I have no problem referring to.

Great work Marijke!

Marijke is one of the members here at EDGE Business Network. And if you’d like to find out more check out her profile page or her company’s site