Criminal Justice Sounds Like An Oxymoron Doesn’t

By March 22, 2020Food for thought

By Samantha Lewis 26/2/2020

Having a partner of one of the biggest criminal law firms in Sydney presenting at this morning’s breakfast meeting was always going to be interesting. Karen Espiner, an Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law, is one of the partners at Younes + Espiner Lawyers. We were treated with an insight into Karen’s practice and she showed us that, despite what we see on TV, her firm is not the same as how criminal lawyers are often portrayed.

Younes + Espiner Lawyers don’t act for “criminals”. They act for everyday people like mums, dads, business owners, professionals and the children of professionals who find themselves – rightly or wrongly – on the wrong side of the law. Other good referrals for Karen are from HR managers as many of her clients find they need her assistance because of alleged incidents which occurred in the workplace.

Karen offers her clients advice even before they have been charged with a criminal offence. This gives Karen’s clients the ability to make informed decisions about, for example, whether to speak to investigating police. What was clear through Karen’s presentation was DON’T TALK TO THE POLICE, unless you have spoken to Karen first!

An interesting case study that Karen spoke about involved a client who was charged with assault and affray during an incident on a cruise ship. Karen was able to share some details of the story because it had been reported in the media. Karen gave us the facts, showed us some footage of the incident, and allowed us to step into her shoes to decide whether her client was guilty or not guilty.

Interestingly, despite her client striking a man with a glass wine bottle, she was found not guilty because she was acting in self-defence of her partner. This showed us all the benefit of having an Accredited Specialist like Karen acting for you if you ever get in trouble!

Karen holds the Criminal Law chair @ Edge Networking Sydney – contact us to join or visit Edge