Each week we have a special guest speaker, usually one of our members, who offer insights into their specific industry, advice and general thoughts on running a business in this day and age. The presentation is followed by a lively Q&A session which is often as illuminating as the talk itself.



Platform 24 is a proactive IT partner you can relate to, offering managed IT solutions that will make your business more productive. We specialise in making your IT systems simple to use but powerful, easy to maintain but full functioned and above all cost effective.

Rick has been working in the IT industry in Sydney since 1996 and has built a strong customer focused company with 6 employees and a range of specialist sub-contractors. We support many different business sectors in Sydney with a focus on Managed networks, maintenance, and proactive support. 

Specialties: We specialise in building and maintaining Windows or mixed networks for SME’s and giving end to end support to meet their requirements. We work with industry leaders, Microsoft, Telstra, Sophos and use state of the art tools to deliver secure Managed IT solutions to suit the SME budget, without compromising quality.


Rick has a background in Market Research and teaching prior to his work in IT this has given him a unique blend of skills allowing clear communication to complement his technical wizardry. Outside of work he enjoys playing football, doing home renovation projects and travelling. Rick has is married and has 2 teenage boys who he is very proud of.



We offer unique solutions to help buyers and investors feel confident about their decisions. We can help an investor know where to start with a tailored strategy, through to a full end to end investment service that includes sourcing and securing the right property for the right price. We also help all buyers negotiate with agents and step them through the buying process to ensure they don’t make any costly mistakes.


Gareth Woodham has been conducting property valuations across Sydney and Melbourne for more than 17 years.

Gareth attended the University of Technology Sydney from 1992 to 1998, and graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Land Economics. Shortly thereafter, Gareth was registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading, and began practising under Ken Feltham FAPI, where he acquired experience valuing a vast range of residential properties across Sydney. During this time, Gareth conducted valuations for major banks and financial institutions, lawyers and accountants, for a range of purposes including: mortgage security, statutory assessment, mercantile recovery and family law.

In 2003, Gareth relocated to Melbourne, and was employed by WBP Property as an unrestricted valuer, conducting residential, commercial and industrial valuations across Melbourne, again for banks and financial institutions for mortgage security, statutory assessment and family law purposes.

Admitted to the Australian Property Institute in 2006 as a Certified Practising Valuer, Gareth returned to Sydney in 2006 to establish an office for WBP, conducting portfolio valuations for the Defence Housing Authority, Mortgage Insurers, and undertaking extensive recovery and liquidation valuations for several mercantile agents.

In 2010 Gareth extended his qualifications to include Thermal Performance assessment of residential dwellings, became licenced as a Buyers Agent in 2015, and is actively conducting valuations of residential properties in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide metropolitan areas.

Gareth now leads the customer engagement and business development at Suburbanite Property Advisors, helping people achieve their goals through strategic property investment.



Using a methodology of leadership best practice and coaching psychology, Sendero works with individuals and teams to help them be more dynamic, successful and unlock the patterns that are holding them back from achieving greatness. We work with executive and business leaders on 6 month coaching programs as well as facilitating strategic off sites and developing bespoke workshops. To assist in scoping out developmental areas for our clients we use a number 360 degree psychometric testing instruments including Lominger, IWAM, and The Leadership Circle at the beginning of our coaching journey.


I am a leadership development coach who is passionate about challenging senior executives and business leaders to become the most effective and dynamic business leaders they can be. I have spent an amazing 10 years coaching leaders to fulfil their leadership aspirations across a diverse range of industries and 13 years prior to this working in corporate communications and marketing in both Australia and the UK.

I love to work with dynamic and passionate people who want change in their business life and are ready to pull out all stops to work on themselves to get it !

I love to hold strong and robust conversations to help my clients unlock practical solutions, gain real insights and bring their full potential into action! The business leaders who engage me come to regard me as their partner on a journey to much greater and more meaningful achievements.

I have a Masters of Organisational Coaching from Sydney Uni, am a certified Meta Coach and a certified practitioner of NLP.






Each Wednesday from 7:00am – 8:30am – Three Blue Ducks Restaurant, 1/85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery