Marijke knew she was on to something good with Edge

By March 31, 2020Food for thought

By Marijke Walker 24/02/20

In early 2019, Mark Taylor and I had a goal to further assist our clients on their journey towards growing wealth through property. To do so would mean putting our clients in touch with specialists we trusted in the real estate, finance, insurance and legal sectors.

We contacted people we knew and who were referred to us and began to build a strong network of strategic partners. One of those was Amanda Gould, the Director and Buyers Agent from Highspec Properties. It wasn’t until Amanda invited me as a guest to a BNI Edge Open Day that I became aware she was a member of this great networking organisation.

When I attended that first breakfast, I was amazed by the calibre of members and the guests they had also invited. From that one breakfast it was apparent there were some fantastic opportunities to connect with professionals who could be potential strategic partners for us. Not only that, but the BNI Edgers had a real sense of community and it felt like such a great fit for me.

Joining BNI Edge was an easy next step and since then, 8 of the members of the chapter have become part of our strategic partner network. I have also attended other chapters and met other professionals who also joined our strategic partner network. I am with a group I can trust and I know trust me, given the number of referrals we have already ready received to help property investors.

Additionally, there are many BNI great members in BNI Edge and other chapters I can refer to, both for our clients and other people in my social networks. It’s fantastic to continually build a library of BNI members I know I can trust. When someone asks me ‘do I know someone who can help?’, it is very rewarding to confidently say ‘yes I do’.

If you would like to experience a breakfast to remember and learn more about how BNI Edge could be a great fit for you and your business, please contact me.

Marijke is an Edge Member who holds the Property Management chair for the chapter, you can get in contact with her here or if you would like to hear more about becoming an Edge Member and opening your business up to a whole world of networking opportunities click here.