Nelson Dueza’s Edge Experience

By December 2, 2019Food for thought

By Nelson Dueza 29/11/2019

I have been a member at Edge for approx. 3-4 years.

I always tell new members that in my line of work selling houses, it is a big ticket item so I never expected referrals to come through straight away. But this wasn’t the only reason I joined, ideally receiving referrals is great but it is also about the networks at hand to help other clients, the training and the presentation skills learned through our weekly Edge meetings.

I am a sales director at Colliers international based in the CBD so I have many different referral partners through my corporate network and it works really well for me to also have an external Edge network to connect the two together, it makes you very valuable as you have the contacts on both sides to help each other.

As it worked out it took me approx. 1 year before I received my first house to sell through Edge ,after this I have received approx. 3 properties to sell per annum, this is great on top of everything else that you get out of being a member in a very positive group of people who I would consider friends.

Nelson is one of the members here at EDGE Business Network. And you can find his profile page here or visit his company’s site Colliers.