ABOUT MY COMPANY – Ciara Tapia Design

Ciara Tapia Design is a architecture and interior design studio with experience in residential, commercial, retail and art sectors.
Since the inception of the studio in 2016, their work has been about:
Understanding / Creating / Developing / Producing; sophisticated, functional and unique spaces.

Understanding their client needs, lifestyles and passions, they guide their clients with informed and innovative decisions, developing their vision and creating beautiful spaces.


Ciara graduated from the University of Technology Sydney with a Masters of Architecture in 2009. Her previous work with several Sydney based design companies; Silvester Fuller, MCK Architects, and Justine Hugh Jones, along with international experience in India as a volunteer designing and building pre-schools has heavily influenced her design principles.

Her ethos is “to bring out the best in any design, to highlight its assets and mitigate its short comings.To create interiors that function seamlessly and feel great to be in”.

Over the past few years Ciara has also contributed to the education of design as a design tutored at the University of Technology Sydney in both Architecture and Interior Architecture.


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