Rick Talks IT – Security is not a product but a process

By March 8, 2020Food for thought

By John Tannous 20/2/2020

Today’s presentation by Rick Williams from Platform 24 was all about “Doing IT different”. Rick gave a great presentation on IT with a heavy focus on cloud solutions and cyber security which are key points in almost every business in this day and age.

Platform 24 has been in IT for 17 years with the last 4 years in Managed Services which is now the specific offering for clients with 25-200+ staff members. They have a relatively young team with the next eldest (after Rick) being 30. The team is young, really interested in IT and really switched on.

Platform 24 sends out surveys and receive a very high response rate of 50% (usually 10-15%). Of that 50% its around 95% positive.

The team at Platform 24 listens to client’s needs and has quarterly meetings with the chief information officer of managed clients to go through blue print and look at the schedule for the next 12 months. They also provide easy to understand reports with measurable outcomes.

Constantly testing new technology and only use what they sell (eg. Rukus for wireless) which consistently tests at the highest level. If there is better technology on the market, clients are updated under the managed service with no cost to client. keeping the client and protected at the highest level while Platform 24 monitors the network 24/7. It’s no longer about Adhoc support but more of a holistic approach.

Cloud storage and software allows people to work remotely and access their files, aiding collaboration locally and around the globe. Cloud solutions vary from client to client depending on their needs, budged and existing hardware. Rick identifies that Hybrid cloud solutions are great for people with existing hardware.
What keeps you up at night? A big thing in business is data security and this is where Platform 24 provide piece of mind.

Government websites talk about the essential 8 levels in Cyber security. Platform 24 have 18 levels of security. Rick highlights MFA as a very important point of protection because a password is not enough.

Cyber crime is well funded organised crime and we need to be organised in the way we deal with it.

Rick sent a demonstration Phishing email which when clicked, leads people to online training if they fail to identify the security risk. Lots of people are falling for coronavirus phishing emails just like the one used to demonstrate just how vulnerable people are. This is one of the many reasons Platform 24 provides security awareness training.

At the end of the day, when you go to a networking breakfast it’s great to hear an expert tell you how to secure your network.

Rick holds the IT chair @ Edge Networking Sydney – contact us to join or visit Edge