Samantha Lewis’ BNI Experience

By January 19, 2020Food for thought

As a lawyer, I am no stranger to networking events but what I have found with BNI is that it is so much more than networking. We get to know each other through our weekly breakfast meetings and also at our regular social functions and catch ups. This structured approach leads to great business connections but also a sense of community as I now have access to such a diverse group of like minded individuals with the same goals. I’ve found BNI has provided me with great training that I’ve been able to apply in my office, at home and even with friends who are thinking of starting a new business.

Thanks to the friendships that I have formed in BNI, I have been able to generate more revenue through this direct source of networking than in any other networking groups I have been involved in before. I’m looking forward to what the next year of BNI will bring and what I can bring to my fellow members.


Samantha is one of the members here at EDGE Business Network. And you can find her profile page here or visit her company’s site Nolan Lawyers.