The journey does not end after settlement!

By May 13, 2020Food for thought

Presentation By Criag Foreman from Cane Financial

Craig Forman is the founder of Cane Financial which has been trading for eight years with offices in Bondi Junction and the Sutherland Shire.

His team of six have over 100 years of industry experience, and together they have assisted their clients with over $600m in residential mortgages.

The journey does not end after settlement!

Cane Financial prides itself on its customer service, and that service does not end once your finance has settled.

Craig has established a post-settlement communication program to keep clients informed continuously about the market changes (interest rates, policies and re-finance options) to ensure you always have access to the best deals available.

The focus on customer service has resulted in exceptional client satisfaction and his client retention rate growing to an all-time high of 95%.

Cane Financial clients simply don’t feel the need to look elsewhere!

Why use a broker?

The Broker service proposition is unique because they work for you and can source products and rates that are in your best interest, unlike banks that can only sell their products.

By using a broker like Craig Forman, his job is to find you the best deal and outcome from the panel of lenders he has available.

Brokers now write the majority of mortgages in Australia because their service proposition works in the client’s favour.

The current lending environment

During these unprecedented times, most lenders have been very accommodating with assisting clients in deferring loan repayments. However, this uncertainty has forced all lenders to tighten their credit policies and the requirements needed for finance approval; this includes:

  • Delayed approval and settlement times
  • Employers confirmation on what impact COVID-19 has had on an employee’s salary
  • Increased income & expenditure verification
  • Re-Confirming current employment 1-2 days prior to the settlement date
  • Servicing restrictions
    • Credit card limits
    • Commission income (Up to 50% of commission can be used for servicing)
    • Rental income

The future

The economic impacts if COVID-19 has created uncertainty for people and the property market, but Craig believes now is an excellent time to review your finance and take advantage of opportunities in the market. Interest rates are at the lowest they have ever been, so it a good idea to plan and be ready by doing the following:

  • Cancel credit cards not being used
  • SME clients are encouraged to get their business financials up to date with their accountant and bookkeepers
  • Watch your spending

Who can Craig and his team help?

  • Current property owners
  • Owners that want to re-finance and take advantage of the current low-interest rates
  • Time-poor professionals
  • People that value expert advice




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