Today’s presentation was “shocking”

By January 31, 2020Food for thought

By Adam Diffin 29/01/2020

Jeff was this week’s presenter and he really showcased why Jeff’s Electrical & his team really are industry leaders.

Jeff started by introducing his team & family, the backbone of great business acumen.

From this impressive foundation, Jeff moved on to some of the serious dangers regarding electrical components in our households, that most people take for granted, not realising the true dangers right at their feet. Great visual examples of burnt out power points & power boards to shock the audience into understanding household hazards we face every day, that most importantly, can be prevented.

Jeff then educated the audience on the evolution/history of fuses at our domestic switch boards which, even as a tradie plumber, I found very informative.

Most people think of electricians as wires, power points & lights but Jeff’s presentation then moved onto the incredibly diverse array of ares that Jeff’s Electrical cover. Everything from automatic driveway gates to security for the home via clever sensors & even preventing the family home from electrical fires due to the identification & replacement of old & out-dated wiring.

Being in the building industry for over 32 years, I have seen many electricians but without any doubt whatsoever, none more innovative & professional than Jeff & his family team.

That is why I do not hesitate in recommending people I trust & believe in like Jeff’s Electrical.

Jeff holds the Electrician chair @ Edge Networking Sydney – contact us to join or visit Edge