Edge Networking is only as good as the people in the room. So if you are keen to share your business experience, build you network and see Edge Networking in action we would love to have you along as a visitor anytime. Tickets are only $50 and you can join us every Wednesday simply by purchasing a ticket below.

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Edge is a networking group with a quirky edge. The group consists of up to 30 down-to-earth, dynamic business owners who are all expert in their fields.

We look forward to coming together to gain inspiration and help each other grow our businesses.

There’s no more effective way to do this than have trusted associates open up their networks for you in the way of warm referrals.

Visit us this week and give your business an EDGE!

Build Relationships

With just one seat for each specialization each EDGE member brings something truly unique and special to the immediate network.

With chapters all over the globe, finding a member to help support your business or as a referral partner for your extended network is one of the most valuable benefits of membership.

Visit us this week and give your business an EDGE!

Build Knowledge

Navigating your way through business can have its challenges. With such a diverse range of specializations, not to mention business experience, EDGE Networking will help build your business knowledge and expand your network of trusted advisors.

With a global network at your fingertips building your business knowledge has never been easier.

Visit us this week and give your business an EDGE!

Build Opportunities

There is an old adage “it isn’t what you know, but rather who you know”.

EDGE Networking brings that theory to life, with a member base all looking for opportunities for you and your business.

EDGE is a truly global business network and can open your business up to not just your local market, but a world of business possibilities.

Visit us this week and give your business an EDGE!